Weddings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, themes and styles! The wonderful thing about being a wedding photographer is I get to see them all! Part of my skill set, aside from making you feel ultra comfortable, is my uncanny ninja skills to be able to infiltrate your day creating memories of those secret smiles and moments you didn’t realise were happening, nor were being watched.

Part of my role as a wedding photographer is to provide you with a creative and contemporary photographic collection of your day. Combining the candid documentary style with some kick-ass portraiture (for which I’m well awarded and recognised) you get the best of both worlds! 

I aim to work closely with you as a couple in the lead up to your wedding so we get to know each other better. From your engagement shoot and posing tips and tricks, to generally helping you plan and prep for your day. The result is truly natural images where you look completely at your best and totally comfortable!

A wise sage once said an image is not a photograph until it is printed, and I absolutely agree with that, which is why each and every one of my couples receive an album, included in the initial investment. I feel it is my duty as a wedding photographer to enable you to have a tangible legacy to carry forward into your future together. As a lover of fine art and luxury, these albums are all hand made in Italy using the finest materials by the superb pioneers of print technology, Graphistudio.