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Wedding health and fitness

Wedding Health & Fitness – How to prepare to look your best

Today on the blog we are looking at your wedding health and fitness and the things you can do to prepare to look and feel your best on your wedding day.


Starting to look after your skin before your wedding will not only leave you feeling more confident about your appearance, but most importantly will also give you better skin health.

Following a good skincare regime, drinking lots of water and even taking supplements like collagen are all great ways to get better skin. It helps with texture, reduces the ageing process and makes skin more vibrant.

Skincare Wedding Photographer

I follow a skincare regime tailored to me by Nikki, the Flawless Facialist in Worthing, and since I have been doing this I have seen a significant change in the appearance of my own skin. Having regular facials is also something I would highly recommend, perhaps combining this with regular infared treatments to repair your skin cells. Is there a recommended dermatologist/facialist in your area to set up a treatment plan to reach your skin goals in time for your wedding? This may even start a love affair with a new skincare routine taking you beyond your wedding day.

Anything that you are trying for the first time or if you are having your regular botox/fillers etc should definitely not be done too close to your wedding day, I would recommend doing this at least 2-3 weeks before your big day.

You should be wearing an SPF on your face everyday….even when it’s not sunny!!  This prevents sunburn, reduces the risk of skin cancer, and decreases the signs of early skin ageing.

Wedding health and fitness
Image copyright of patientfirst.com

Being mindful of what you are eating and drinking is vital to healthy skin as it all starts with our gut health. Consider food and drinks that are detoxifying, cleansing and anti inflammatory for example lemons, avocados, cucumber, celery, beetroot and green tea,

Sleep plays a huge role in how our skin looks, aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep. During sleep, your body prevents and repairs skin cell damage which will improve your skin’s appearance and its ability to protect against harmful elements.

Healthy skin is better looking skin!

Something else that I would highly recommend is having your colours done. This involves being advised by a trained colour consultant the colours that suit your skin tone, hair and eye colour. This would be super beneficial when you are choosing your wedding gown, bridesmaids dresses, makeup and even flowers and decor for the venue. Colour analysis really does work and will make an immediate visible difference to how you look and feel. I can recommend a fantastic colour consultant who is based in Horsham in West Sussex Colour Consultant Michaela at House of Colour

Colour ideas for Wedding Photographer


Chat with your hairdresser about your wedding hair goals. Even if your regular hair dresser isn’t part of your wedding day hair & make up team, they can help you with ensuring your hair health goals are met during your usual appointments. Regular trims will keep your lock looking healthy, shiny and split end free.

Find your wedding hair stylist early to discuss how you want your hair to look on your wedding day. Think about style, colours and cut. Pinterest is great place to get inspiration. Start making a board of ideas that you can share with your hairdresser & stylist. It’s vital that you have a trial to decide how you will have your locks on your wedding day. You most certainly don’t want any hair disasters on the day!

I’ve worked many times with Toni Todd Wedding Hair & Make up who is a genius in her craft, specialising in bridal hair (and make up) as well as running a successful hair salon.

If you are thinking of having a new colour or a drastic new hairstyle then this is NOT something that I would recommend before your wedding. You want to feel like you and this could really impact how you feel…..especially if you don’t like the result!

Supplements and hair masks are a great way to get your hair in the best condition leading up to your wedding. You can get some great supplements from Holland and Barrett. I use a company called British Supplements  and have had great results.

Being mindful, again, of what you are eating as your gut health will significantly impact the condition of your hair.

Wedding Hair careBody

Eating healthily with regular meals and staying hydrated is vital to a healthy body. What you eat and drink will have a big impact on your overall body image and how you feel. Consider fresh foods, grab some recipe books and try out some new healthy cuisines. I have found Gusto and Hello Fresh a great source of inspiration and healthy new meal ideas. I know I’ve said it before but lots of water is your friend! And cutting back on your alcohol intake will help with your overall well-being.

I wouldn’t recommend doing any drastic diets for weight loss before your wedding, unless that really is your intention, but just bear in mind dress and suit fittings. To look your best you will need to have adjustments for your changing shape. Ultimately having a positive healthy approach to your body leading up to your big day will result in you feeling more confident and great!

Making sleep and time to relax a priority, self care is a great way to look after your body.

If you are wearing a strapless dress then think about tan lines! If you are going to be sitting in the sun maybe invest in a strapless top like a bandeau. If a spray tan is your thing then be sure to do it a few days before the wedding. However, I don’t know about you, but I have had a few bad experiences with fake tan! So I would recommend trialing the spray tan maybe a few months before. I love a good body exfoliation for baby soft skin….so give this a go! You can buy great body scrubs but also treating yourself to a full body scrub at a salon is such a relaxing experience.

Strapless wedding dress


Getting regular exercise for your wedding health and fitness is a great idea leading up to your big day. Just 30 minutes of walking every day can help boost your mood and improve your health significantly.

Maybe consider a class that you’ve always wanted to try or maybe start running together. It will really boost your confidence and give you some quality time together leading up to your wedding that isn’t wedding related….because I’m sure that’s all you’ll be talking about!! Another option is a personal trainer….this is great for really targeting your specific needs and they will tailor you a programme that will get you the results that you want. I highly recommend Gemma at Reach Your Goal Women’s Fitness based in West Sussex. Check out her website here Reach Your Goals Women’s Fitness

Lifestyle commercial photography

Small goals……for example, if you’re choosing a dress that is strapless and your arms are something that you’d like to work on then maybe try some triceps dips or wall pushups. Adding little things like this into your daily routine can make a big change…..I do squats while brushing my teeth every morning!! I will of course get you in the best poses that enhance and flatter your shape, that’s what I’m there for!

Wiston House Wedding Photographer

Moving your body everyday will have a significant impact on how you feel about yourself. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change to your lifestyle, especially if you’ve been inactive for a long time, it’s best to start slowly in order to reduce your risk of injury. Things I would recommend are walking, swimming or try gentle exercises at home….YouTube is great for free classes in things like yoga and pilates.

wedding health and fitness,

I really hope this blog has helped you in the lead up to your big day and given you some helpful tips and inspiration for your wedding health and fitness. Most importantly it’s about you feeling great and being the best version of you on your wedding day!

Xx Fiona Xx

Wedding Health & Fitness – How to prepare to look your best

Health and fitness Wedding Photographer

West Sussex Photographer, Petworth Park

West Sussex Photographer | Natasha & Neale Petworth Park

West Sussex Photographer | Natasha & Neale Petworth Park

Natasha and I met at a wedding fair about a year or so ago. We’ve been back and forth a number of times creating plans, timelines, looking at album ideas and generally getting plans ready for their wedding day. It wasn’t until I met Neale further down the line that we realised that Neale had been Best Man at a wedding I shot some 6 or 7 years ago (long before I started blogging!)

west sussex photographer Petworth park

When planning their test shoot, Natasha said she’d really like to have it at Petworth Park, as it was one of those places they often visit together. I’m all for experiencing locations I’ve not seen before and I’m very glad to have made the trip.

west sussex photographer petwoth park

One of the main aims for me when meeting a couple for their pre-wedding shoot is to increase their comfort and confidence in front of the camera (and me!) Wedding days are so busy with your guests all wanting to talk, drink, dance and be with you I would much rather spend less time on the “formal” portraits enabling their day to flow and be enjoyed with minimal interruptions by me. Having this time means I really can spend 10-15 mins here and there on your wedding day creating your portraits as you will have already learnt posing tips and got over touching each other in public (unless you love a bit of a PDA, then you’ll have no probs!)

pre wedding shoot sussex photographer FionaMillsArt

west sussex photographer petworth park

One thing I loved about shooting Natasha and Neale is that they are sooo comfortable with one another. I often shoot from a distance, so I have no way of knowing what they are saying, but I just loved how much they laugh together!

West Sussex Wedding Photographer Petworth Park

West Sussex Photographer

photographer west sussex

Sussex Wedding Photographer

As a West Sussex Photographer, I cannot believe I had not visited Petworth Park before. The views are incredible. When Neale said there would be deer, I didn’t realise he meant HUNDREDS of deer. Herds of the things, seemingly oblivious to us traipsing through their home trying to capture them in the background. Be warned, with hundreds of deer come thousands of deer-poop (not good for a photographer who likes to lay on the ground a lot!

west sussex photographer petworth park

Natasha and Neale make such a gorgeous couple together. Despite Neales best efforts to not look at the camera EVER he managed a grand job of looking natural and relaxed. Natasha will make the most stunning bride, I cannot wait to see her in her wedding dress as she prepares to marry Neale at Farbridge Wedding Venue this summer.

Best West Sussex Wedding Photographer

The other thing I ask couples to practise is *THE KISS* Swooping kisses, lifting kisses, looking-at-each-other-almost-there kisses. They all rock! Not that I’m a secret voyeur, I’m usually looking away or at a safe distance with my long lens, but that newly married kiss you’re gonna do at the end of the aisle in front of your guests is totally worth practising, right?!

west sussex wedding photographer

West Sussex photographer petworth park

This was an ace pre-wedding shoot. I can’t wait for the real deal!

Big love

Fiona xx

FionaMillsArt | West Sussex Photographer | Natasha & Neale Petworth Park