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Mr & Mrs Cooper | The White Swan, Arundel

Daniel & Vicky were a lovely young couple I met early in 2015 planning for their 2016 wedding at St George’s Church in Eastergate followed by their reception at The White Swan, Arundel. As with every wedding, we had a test shoot on a cold and blustery day in March to prepare them for their big day. I love a cold day, it encourages us all to be snuggly and cosy!

Chichester Engagement Shoot_0001


Daniel and Vicky were to be married in a small church in a village on the south coast. St George’s in Eastergate is a stunning, yet petit, building with wonderful exposed beams and original stained glass windows. Sadly, Spring was yet to appear on this May afternoon so there was a mildly damp moment as Vicky arrived at the Church driven by her father and accompanied by her bridesmaids and mum. Vicky, however seemed unfazed by the showers as she patiently had her veil fixed before entering the church to meet her awaiting groom.

I love that moment of anticipation between the bride’s arrival and the groom being made aware. The air is suddenly filled with excitement! The music starts to play, their eyes meet, hands touch, songs sung, vows shared and that magical first kiss as newlyweds!

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0001

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0002

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0003

Daniel and Vicky were keen to share their special day with their family and closest friends. The rain inhibited us during the end of the ceremony from using the outside space, but the inside of the church was a great spot to capture their nearest and dearest before they headed off to The White Swan, Arundel for the reception. You would never guess from these pictures that it was sheet rain outside!

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0004

I had a few moments with the new Mr & Mrs Cooper alone before they joined their guests at The White Swan, Arundel. With a little help from Daniel’s mum to keep me and my camera dry we were able to capture a few portraits of the newlyweds around the church grounds. I’m very grateful that the rain, although still present, wasn’t strong enough to drench us at that moment!! Daniel and Vicky are big fans of black and white images, so I enjoyed finding spots that lent themselves to the bold contrasts that black and white photography brings.

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0005

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0007

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0006

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0008

As we arrived at The White Swan, Arundel Daniel and Vicky were greeted by their awaiting family and friends before sitting down to a wedding breakfast. The speeches came first, however, to allow the delicious food to not be marred by the nervous anticipation that comes with public speaking! Amazingly, Daniel had also been putting the finishing touches to the wedding cake he had baked that very morning! (I can attest it tasted delicious!!)

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0010

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0009

Before the evening party started, there was still a good pocket of time for me to be able to capture some shots of Daniel and Vicky and their Bridal Party. Thankfully the rain had come to a stop by this point so we put to good use the green space and the spiral staircase that is at the back of the function room of The White Swan, Arundel.

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0016

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0012

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0015

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0014

FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0013

To complete the wedding collection, Daniel and Vicky had chosen a Young Book by Graphistudio which I delivered recently alongside some parent copies (please excuse the iPhone pics!!). I was chuffed to bits that the image I had chosen to go inside the box (the final image below) was also one of their favourites that they had already printed and framed! Many congratulations Mr & Mrs Cooper, I hope you love married life and treasure your memories of the day for years to come!


FionaMillsArt Wedding Photography_0011

Matt & Jen | The Live Proposal

This is a short story all about Matt & Jen and their Live Proposal at the Angmering Bluebells Wood.

When Matt contacted me in May about doing his and Jen’s wedding photography in September we talked about how all wedding collections come with a test shoot. This would prove to be a tactical move as Matt hadn’t actually proposed by this point. Matt told me how he and Jen were pushing the wedding through quickly as there were key family members they would love to be able to attend before it becomes too difficult for them to make the journey overseas, but as they had been living together for some years and had a young son together, the actual proposal was just a tradition that had not yet been met.

Matt mentioned that Jen loved the outdoors, nature and was a big fan of the bluebells that covered the forest floors this time of the year, so we booked a date in at the soonest opportunity to catch the tail end of the blooms under the guise of it being a formality and a great chance to grab the three of them in a portrait.

Live Proposal Angmering_0004

Live Proposal Angmering_0006

I had mentioned to Matt that before proposing we leave it 15/20 mins so they all get used to having me and my cameras in close proximity. I have to say, I was waiting with baited breath for THE MOMENT to happen! My long lens was out to give them as much space as possible (for the tech geeks out there, I was shooting with a couple of Canon 5D mkii’s and switching between *The Beast* 70-200 f2.8L mkii and *The Tank* 24-70 f2.8L. *The Fave* 50mm f1.2L was decommissioned for this shoot, but a bag of mini cheddars and a pull-back car proved useful). Matt, Jen and Stanley wandered through the woodland acting natural during this time. Although we were at the tail end of the bloom of the Bluebells, they were still an impressive sight to see blanketing the ground of the woodland at Angmering Park Estate

Live Proposal Angmering_0005

After about an hour (the suspense is killing me by this point!) Stanley is happy perched on a tree stump with some snacks and toys while we “practise posing techniques” with Matt & Jen.

Live Proposal Angmering_0008

Matt pops back to the bag for a moment before declaring “One last picture”… and there it is, THE MOMENT we’ve all been waiting for happens. The Live Proposal! He drops down on one knee and asks Jen if she will marry him! Obvs, blog fam, she said YES otherwise we wouldn’t be sharing this story together. Jen seemed genuinely surprised at the timing as Matt had always said to her he had it (the proposal) in hand. A very humble romantic, it seems, Matt had used one of Jen’s Grandmother’s rings and had it remade into an engagement ring. How sweet is that! What a talking point for the future.

Live Proposal Angmering_0001

Live Proposal Angmering_0002

Live Proposal Angmering_0003

Massive congratulations to Matt & Jen on their Engagement (finally!!), I’m looking forward to your wedding…. let me know if you are planning any more surprises…

Fiona x