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West Sussex Photographer, Petworth Park

West Sussex Photographer | Natasha & Neale Petworth Park

West Sussex Photographer | Natasha & Neale Petworth Park

Natasha and I met at a wedding fair about a year or so ago. We’ve been back and forth a number of times creating plans, timelines, looking at album ideas and generally getting plans ready for their wedding day. It wasn’t until I met Neale further down the line that we realised that Neale had been Best Man at a wedding I shot some 6 or 7 years ago (long before I started blogging!)

west sussex photographer Petworth park

When planning their test shoot, Natasha said she’d really like to have it at Petworth Park, as it was one of those places they often visit together. I’m all for experiencing locations I’ve not seen before and I’m very glad to have made the trip.

west sussex photographer petwoth park

One of the main aims for me when meeting a couple for their pre-wedding shoot is to increase their comfort and confidence in front of the camera (and me!) Wedding days are so busy with your guests all wanting to talk, drink, dance and be with you I would much rather spend less time on the “formal” portraits enabling their day to flow and be enjoyed with minimal interruptions by me. Having this time means I really can spend 10-15 mins here and there on your wedding day creating your portraits as you will have already learnt posing tips and got over touching each other in public (unless you love a bit of a PDA, then you’ll have no probs!)

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west sussex photographer petworth park

One thing I loved about shooting Natasha and Neale is that they are sooo comfortable with one another. I often shoot from a distance, so I have no way of knowing what they are saying, but I just loved how much they laugh together!

West Sussex Wedding Photographer Petworth Park

West Sussex Photographer

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Sussex Wedding Photographer

As a West Sussex Photographer, I cannot believe I had not visited Petworth Park before. The views are incredible. When Neale said there would be deer, I didn’t realise he meant HUNDREDS of deer. Herds of the things, seemingly oblivious to us traipsing through their home trying to capture them in the background. Be warned, with hundreds of deer come thousands of deer-poop (not good for a photographer who likes to lay on the ground a lot!

west sussex photographer petworth park

Natasha and Neale make such a gorgeous couple together. Despite Neales best efforts to not look at the camera EVER he managed a grand job of looking natural and relaxed. Natasha will make the most stunning bride, I cannot wait to see her in her wedding dress as she prepares to marry Neale at Farbridge Wedding Venue this summer.

Best West Sussex Wedding Photographer

The other thing I ask couples to practise is *THE KISS* Swooping kisses, lifting kisses, looking-at-each-other-almost-there kisses. They all rock! Not that I’m a secret voyeur, I’m usually looking away or at a safe distance with my long lens, but that newly married kiss you’re gonna do at the end of the aisle in front of your guests is totally worth practising, right?!

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West Sussex photographer petworth park

This was an ace pre-wedding shoot. I can’t wait for the real deal!

Big love

Fiona xx

FionaMillsArt | West Sussex Photographer | Natasha & Neale Petworth Park