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Reasons for a maternity shoot

Reasons For a Maternity Photo Shoot


You are counting down the days until the arrival of your little one which is a truly magical experience and you might be considering having a maternity photo shoot. However you may feel unsure about this because of the changes to your body and even possibly the cost.

In this blog I will go through the seven reasons for a maternity photo shoot….there are of course more than seven! But these are the one I feel are the most important.



A maternity photo shoot is about documenting the incredible journey that pregnancy is and allows you to focus on the new life your body is creating. This is a moment you won’t get back whether you’ve been pregnant before or plan to have more. Each pregnancy can be different and bring its own set of challenges. This photoshoot is about your own journey into motherhood and will remind you of the excitement and joy that comes with pregnancy.



Often during pregnancy you might not feel your best. The changes to your body and hormones can really have an effect on how you feel about yourself. Maternity photoshoots are the perfect reason to do your hair and makeup and spend some time for you to revel in the beauty of your body and all the amazing work it’s been doing! So many ladies come in and tell me they don’t feel beautiful, but by the time we are finished the shoot every single one has left feeling fabulous!


Reasons for a maternity shoot

Reasons for a maternity shoot


Another reason for a maternity photo shoot is that it’s a great opportunity to spend time with your partner and to reflect on the life you have created together. So much will change once your baby arrives so getting a photograph of your family before, is a beautiful memory to capture. A maternity photo shoot with your partner is a real bonding experience and gives you time to focus on each other.



A maternity photo shoot can be a fun way to reveal the gender of your baby. There are so many fun ways to announce your little ones gender and it’s become increasingly popular. You can be as creative as you like with the photos. You could even use the images as a way to reveal the baby’s name or your due date.


Reasons for a maternity shoot


Having a maternity photo shoot is a never ending reminder of those feelings of excitement, joy and anticipation of waiting for the arrival of your little one. Once baby is here we can easily forget how we looked or how we felt during pregnancy (well we always remember the hard parts, like nausea, back pain etc!) son maternity shoot capture you as a reminder of all the amazing things your body did. You will never regret having a photograph of this moment. After all most women only experience pregnancy a few times.



In a few years your child will ask you about where they came from. This is a great reason to have a maternity photo shoot because it gives you beautiful images to show your child of them growing inside you. They will be able to see the love and excitement that you felt when you were expecting them and gives them a connection to that time in your life. The couple in the images below are Harry Potter fans and used this as a theme at their wedding and they wanted to continue with this at their maternity shoot.


Reasons for a maternity shoot


I am a firm believer that getting your photos printed is so important. It is an everlasting tangible moment and memory captured in time to be treasured forever. Having a professional maternity photo shoot when you are pregnant will give you images worth hanging on your walls or printing in an album as a legacy to pass down to future generations. You can check out my maternity portfolio here.


I really hope that this has helped you with reasons to have a maternity photo shoot. I would love to be part of your pregnancy journey so if you have any questions or would like to book a photo shoot get in touch.

xX Fiona Xx

Bump to Baby West Sussex Photography

Bump to Baby | Baby James & Family

Lorna, Mark and James. The Bump to Baby session….

Bump to Baby

The thing I love about Bump to Baby photography is meeting a family excited and anticipating this big change coming in their lives. The change in a woman is incredible (we are absolute Queens for creating and growing these bambinos inside our bodies!). I met Lorna and Mark back in June for their Bump shoot. We had a simple session in the studio with just the two of them (and Lorna’s onesie!). Here’s a little peek of a few shots.

Bump to Baby photography Chichester

The optimum time for capturing a newborn is in the first 10 days… there are a zillion tips and techniques I can provide in the lead up for how to keep your baby sleepy and pose-able, but at the end of the day, babies are babies and we just have to roll with it and see where they take us!

Bump to Baby Photography

Bump to Baby Photographer Bognor Regis

Baby James was a perfect subject, he was obviously paying attention through all the Bump to Baby chatter! He slept, and slept, and slept some more!! While they’re sleeping is a perfect opportunity to go in with some close ups, to really remember those teeny tiny details.

Bump to Baby Chichester

Bump to Baby

Having a variety of props is always handy, babies have a habit of telling us if they’re uncomfortable or not, but Baby James was happy to sleep on  like a trooper… it was clear he was a snuggler!

Bump to Baby Photography Chichester

I’m a big fan of accidental shots…. I often take an images with a clear picture in my head of how it will finish, and sometimes the creativity will take me in the editing stage resulting with something unplanned, yet striking. These two are a prime example…. The Boy on the Moon and The Water Baby.

Bump to Baby Bognor `regis Photographer

Bump to Baby West Sussex Photography

It was lovely to have Mark’s daughter along for the shoot to grab some family portraits of them together. She was a natural with Baby James! To say he was spoiled with kisses is an understatement for sure!

Bump to Baby

While we were doing some low key shots James decided this would be prime time to have a toilet break. Thankfully Mark had already gone in for the kissing of the feet close up and was spared a shower!!

Bump to Baby

Bump to Baby

As with all Bump to Baby shoot, Lorna & Mark’s completed baby session was presented in a Baby Book, handmade in Italy by Graphistudio, my favoured album design company. A beautifully presented, boxed photo album to thumb through and treasure forever.

Bump to Baby

I hope to see more of your growing family in the future, Fiona xx