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Reasons for an Engagement Shoot

Reasons for an engagement shoot:

By offering both engagement and pre-wedding shoots, as a  West Sussex wedding photographer, I like to ensure that couples have a comprehensive and personalised photography experience leading up to their big day. From building connections and creating memories to exploring venues and perfecting the bridal look, these shoots add value and excitement to the wedding journey.

I often hear people suggesting that they don’t need this aspect of the service, and I totally understand the reluctance. However, once people have experienced it, they always feedback that they were so so glad they did.

For those sitting on the fence, I thought I’d prepare a little dive into some reasons for an engagement shoot:

Reasons for an engagement shoot

Connection Building: An engagement shoot provides an opportunity for the couple to bond with each other and with the photographer. This helps in building a comfortable rapport before the wedding day, resulting in more natural and intimate photographs. Believe it or not, our work is very relational… we want to know more about you and what makes you tick as a couple. This will help us capture your true vibe on your wedding day! It also helps us to discuss in a relaxed space any tricky or awkward dynamics that may come up on your wedding day and how we can help you navigate them.

reasons for an engagement shoot

Practice Session: It serves as a practice session for both the couple and the photographer. Couples can get accustomed to being in front of the camera, while the photographer can experiment with different poses, angles, and lighting setups. We will be a mine of information on how to pose, what to do with your arms and legs and how to make you look more natural in front of the camera. It also help to break the ice so you’re accustomed to PDA’s and being photographed without awkwardness and feeling self conscious! It’s better to get this done in a relaxed environment so we’re not wasting precious time on your wedding day covering the foundations to make you comfortable. Honestly, we’d rather you were having more fun with your guests on your wedding day, then endless shoots!

reasons for an engagement shoot

Personalised Experience: The engagement shoot can be tailored to reflect the unique personality and style of the couple. Whether it’s a romantic stroll on the beach, a playful session in a park, or a cozy indoor shoot, it allows for personalisation. This sessions is about you! Taking you to your favourite place, or a significant spot in your relationship journey just adds to making this a service for you. Just this time for you both as a couple is enough reason for an engagement shoot!

Reasons for an engagement shoot

Save-the-Date Cards: The photographs from the engagement shoot can be used for creating stylish and personalised save-the-date cards or wedding invitations, adding a personal touch to the wedding preparations. Some people have used the images to decorate their wedding venue as part of their visual journey together. I guess what I’m trying to say here, is use them!!! Get your faces out there! Its you we’re all celebrating after all!

Reasons for an engagement shoot

Memorable Moments: Capturing the love and excitement of the engagement period through photographs creates lasting memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. These images serve as a beautiful reminder of the journey leading up to the wedding day. So often the focus goal is your wedding date, but don’t forget, this journey is important too! Let’s capture it!

Venue Exploration: A pre-wedding shoot provides an opportunity to explore and capture stunning photographs at the wedding venue or other meaningful locations. This allows the couple to envision their wedding day and discover the best spots for photography. We are well versed in shooting in both the familiar and the unfamiliar, but if an opportunity arrises to shoot in your venue, then this is a real bonus!!

Reasons for an engagement shoot

Trial Run for Hair and Makeup: If timings and diaries align, it can be a chance for the bride to do a trial run for her hair and makeup, ensuring everything looks perfect for the wedding day. Seeing how the makeup translates on camera helps in making any necessary adjustments. What better way to be picture perfect than have a professional tending to those details too! This doesn’t have to be a chore, let’s turn it into a treat for you.

Relaxed Atmosphere: Unlike the wedding day, which can be hectic and fast-paced, the pre-wedding shoot offers a relaxed atmosphere for capturing beautiful moments without any time constraints. It allows the couple to focus solely on each other and enjoy the experience.

Reasons for an engagement shoot

Guest Book or Wedding Album: The photographs from the pre-wedding shoot can be compiled into a guest book or used to create a stunning wedding album. This provides a unique keepsake for the couple and their guests to look back on and reminisce about the special day.

Reasons for an engagement shoot

Capture the Proposal: Some of you may even be thinking way ahead! This is great… having a photographer actually capture your live proposal will make for beautiful memories to look back on! We love getting involved from the very beginning and sharing this journey with you! An incase you worry about being ousted by a hovering photographer, don’t worry… we’re great at hiding in bushes!! Here’s a blog about a “family shoot” that was a secret proposal… Matt & Jen | The Live Proposal 

Best engagement photographer west sussex

I hope these reasons for an engagement shoot have convinced you! It’s worth doing, you definitely won’t regret it! I’m so on board with this myself which is why I include a complementary engagement shoot with every wedding collection. 

If you’re neck deep and overwhelmed in your wedding planning journey, do check out my other helpful blogs: How To Plan a WeddingHow to Choose Your Wedding VenueHow to Choose Your Wedding Dress

Good luck! I hope to see you on your wedding quest!
xX Fiona Xx
Reasons for an Engagement Shoot

Chichester Engagement Photographer | Maddie & Rob

Chichester Engagement Photographer | Maddie & Rob | Chichester Canal

When planning what sort of a wedding collection Maddie & Rob were looking for, it was clear that they loved the creative arts, so instead of strolling through their wedding venue for a recce and test shoot, they opted for something a little more personal. An engagement shoot at Chichester Canal, with a flying visit to Bishops Palace Gardens at Chichester Cathedral too.

best engagement photographer

After our initial shoot was postponed (good old British weather) we met up on Sunday on what would prove to be perfect weather for our shots. We started at Chichester Canal, a first for me for an engagement shoot. Maddie and Rob were like seasoned riverboat professionals (one of their first dates was on the canal), I on the other hand, kept my gear plenty clear of the water and narrowly avoided the duck poo that was dotted about the banks!

best chichester engagement photographer

Although they didn’t row far, there was a nice selection of opportunities to shoot through reeds, capture walls of green as backdrops and enjoy the calm reflections of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Chichester Canal didn’t disappoint, neither did Maddie & Rob, who had used Pinterest and it’s posing ideas and tips and trick to its max potential! As we journeyed through the shoot it was lovely to catch up and get to know them more, as we hadn’t seen each other since they originally booked me back in April.

Chichester engagement photographer

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0001

Chichester engagement photographer

Thirty minutes on the canal flew by, so after returning all the bits and bobs we hotfooted it across town to the Cathedral. Timed well with the 3pm Matins, Bishops Palace Gardens and the surrounding areas were lovely and quiet.

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0007

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0006

Chichester engagement photographer

Chichester Cathedral and Bishops Palace Gardens are a really popular spot for couples to come either on an engagement shoot or their wedding day, so I find myself excited about the challenge to find new spots and different ideas for photographs so I’m not shooting everything the same as I have done before. It certainly helps to have ever changing flowers in bloom, but I can never resist a good old fashioned door or bench!

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0009

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0008

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0010

Maddie & Rob did a great job of shuffling a little to the left, moving their hands up a touch and whatever other instructions I was bleeting out to them! The afternoon felt very relaxed, which hopefully goes a long way in how relaxed they felt having their pictures taken.

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0014

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0013

While we were fooling around with how to look at each other or off into the distance, where to place hands and arms and how to hold each other, I love how the shots below came together well to look like a burst from a passport photo machine (well, without the plain white background and stern expressions anyway!)

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0011

As always, Bishops Palace Gardens came up trumps. Coupled with the session on Chichester Canal, Maddie and Rob now have their work cut out to decide which images to use for their wedding ‘Save-the-Date’ cards or invites. I’m looking forward to the next stages with them…. the planning of the day, then the wedding day next August and finally the wedding album… until then, I will just have to occupy myself with the dozens of other fabulous couples also booked in.

Chichester Canal Engagement Shoot_0016

I hope you enjoy the images, and I really look forward to shooting their August wedding at Worthing Pier.

Fiona xx