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You may have read in one of my previous blogs that one of my aims for this year was to submit my work to be assessed for a Licentiateship with the British Institute of Professional Photography in the category of Weddings. Since joining the Institute this time last year I have been closely mentored by Chris Harper FBIPP (and also CEO of the BIPP). Attending courses and taking constructive feedback on the chin has really helped challenge me to improve how I compose, shoot and edit an image. I can really see the difference in a year!

This February Chris suggested I apply for my Licentiate, with assessments taking place in March. Basically, the British Institute of Professional Photography has taken over my life for a very intense month or so. With help from Chris to put together my portfolio of images, I was very kindly given a small extension with which to write my supporting evidence. A book that documents how I began, where I am at now and how I hope to grow in the future. It also shows my working process, how I interpret client briefs and customer feedback. This workbook was the hardest part!

So……. Today I was assessed, and YAY!! I was awarded a Licentiateship in the British Institute of Professional Photography. I can use the letters LBIPP after my name  and here’s a new fancy-pants logo I can incorporate into my marketing:

British Institute f Professional Photography

This is what the BIPP have to say about qualifications, “Recognised across the world as a benchmark of excellence, our tiered qualification structure offers photographers continual professional development. There are three qualifications, each reflecting increasing levels of experience, skill and achievement; Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship”

The assessors had some very kind words to say about my images but also offered some golden nuggets of how I could improve and what I could develop to take my art to the next level.

I am really looking forward to this next year or so, developing my craft and working towards the next qualification with the support and guidance of my mentor. The additional development tool I can now consider is whether I choose to complete a degree. The work submitted for my LBIPP can be assessed and awarded up to 240 points towards a BA(Hons) Photography with the Open College of the Arts (basically it could count as 2 years of a 3 year degree). I need to weigh up if I have: a) the time to do this; and b) the money, as the cost would be equivalent to a new camera and lens I’ve got my eye on!

Anyhow, I’ll think about that and leave you the images to peruse from my Licentiate Portfolio for the British Institute of Professional Photography while I pour myself a glass of vino and scoff some well deserved cake!

Fiona xx
Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0021  Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0003  Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0008  Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0009

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0001

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0005

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0004

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0012

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0016

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0019

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0022

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0015

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0006

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0018

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0010

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0024

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0002

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0014

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0026

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0017

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0023

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0013

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0007

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0011

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0020

Fiona Mills LBIPP Panel_0025