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Newborn Photography | Rose Lorena | Findon Valley

It was so nice one evening to get a message from Laura about doing a newborn baby portrait photography shoot for her new addition, Rose. I knew Laura from many years ago when she was a young girl as I had worked with her dad. What a joy to see how she’d grown up into a beautiful young woman with a baby girl of her own.

Newborn Baby Photography 128


Newborn Baby Photography 48

Newborn Baby Photography 45

Baby Rose was going to be 5 weeks old when I was booked in for the shoot, which is usually a little old if you want those cutesy-sleepy posed shots, but as she was born 5 weeks early I was hoping we may still catch some of that newborn-state sleep!

Newborn Baby Photography 25

There are some tricks of the trade to keeping a newborn baby in a malleable, sleepy state for portrait photography which I shared with Laura, but as Rose was becoming more aware of her surroundings at times we discussed going with her flow instead for the shoot. We needn’t have worried. Rose was a dream…..in fact, she was dreaming…..the entire 3 hours!!!

Newborn Baby Photography 49

Newborn Baby Photography 117

I had set up my portable studio and various posing pods in their home in Findon Valley, we had coffee to hand and an ultra warm room to help keep Rose nice and toasty. Laura had some lovely headbands made by a friend (who works by the name of All Han Made) and an array of outfits at the ready which Rose modelled beautifully. We even managed to capture a few surprise smiles!

Newborn Baby Photography 41

Newborn Baby Photography 66

Newborn Baby Photography 106

Little Rose’s cousins also popped in for a quick pose together, I’m sure she would have enjoyed the cuddles had she not remained resolutely asleep!! We even managed to convince her parents Laura & Rob to come in for a few shots. By this time the session was drawing to an end and yet Rose had not woken. What a perfect sleepy model.

Newborn Baby Photography 81

Newborn Baby Photography 85

Newborn Baby Photography 135

The final step of this newborn photography shoot after editing the images was to design the album. For this I use an Italian company called Graphistudio with an album aptly named The Baby Book. With a soft touch box and book cover it comes with a variety of paper options. I chose the photographic paper with a high gloss finish for a contemporary look. A lovely keepsake of your most important treasure.

Newborn baby book 1

Newborn baby book 2

Newborn baby book 4

Newborn baby book 3

Newborn baby book 5

Congratulations Laura and Rob on your beautiful addition, Rose. I look forward to capturing your family grow in the future.

Fiona xx

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