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Master Photographers Association

We’re still in the first quarter of the year so I am very pleased to have ticked off another item on my “Things I hope to Achieve” list for this year. I have been awarded my Licentiateship with the Master Photographers Association. As well as now being an accredited photographer with 2 professional associations, I also get more fancy letters after my name and more mentoring and support I hope in the coming years to help me shape and grow in who I am as a photographer.

Fiona Mills LMPA_0024

An added bonus of attending my qualification assessment is that it was taking place at The Photography Show at the NEC Birmingham. As a trade member with the Master Photographers Association I was able to get free tickets for my husband and I. We had a lovely stay in a hotel in Stratford upon Avon the night before which was a real treat for us… a small spa, a fancy restaurant and a sleep without little ones climbing in our bed in the wee hours!

Fiona Mills LMPA_0025

Thankfully Tom loves tech and gear in all forms so he wasn’t too bored being dragged around the exhibitions with me, being silly on some of the stands and even enjoying some of the seminars that were available (and keeping me from overspending in geek heaven!). The tips, tricks and ideas I have walked away with are buzzing around my head and I can’t wait to implement them in my upcoming weddings.

Master Photographers Association

Fiona Mills LMPA_0022

For my MPA qualification, much like the assessment with the British Institute of Professional Photography earlier this month, a working profile is required which is a book describing you, your business, your policies and procedures, workflow and finally a description of all the images included in the panel. This was the hardest part again, but once I decided to throw their suggested format out of the window and design my own pages that complemented my branding the whole process flowed much easier…. that rebel inside just won’t be quieted!

The way the Master Photographers Association like to have the images presented are in two lines of 10. The top 10 from 1 wedding and the lower from a varied selection so the completed panel would look like this:

Matster Photographers Association

With a massive thank you again to all my lovely Brides and Grooms that make these images possible, here’s the panel that I submitted for my successful Licentiate qualification with the Master Photographers Association:

Fiona xx

Fiona Mills LMPA_0001

Fiona Mills LMPA_0002

Fiona Mills LMPA_0003

Fiona Mills LMPA_0004

Fiona Mills LMPA_0005

Fiona Mills LMPA_0006

Fiona Mills LMPA_0007

Fiona Mills LMPA_0008

Fiona Mills LMPA_0009

Fiona Mills LMPA_0010

Fiona Mills LMPA_0011

Fiona Mills LMPA_0012

Fiona Mills LMPA_0013

Fiona Mills LMPA_0014

Fiona Mills LMPA_0015

Fiona Mills LMPA_0016

Fiona Mills LMPA_0017

Fiona Mills LMPA_0018

Fiona Mills LMPA_0019

Fiona Mills LMPA_0020