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As a West Sussex Photographer specialising in Wedding and Lifestyle photography, I feel honoured to offer my clients the best luxury finish to their collection. Graphistudio Wedding Albums. A family run business based in Italy, Graphistudio offer the finest of materials and operate with groundbreaking print and design technology to work in partnership with professional photographers to give you the ultimate handmade collection of your treasured memories. 

Graphistudio Wedding Albums

When people are asked, “what one thing would you save from your house if your life depended on it?” Aside from people and loved ones in the building, most respond with their memories. A photo album; a box of photographs of those no longer with us; their photographs and keepsakes. I see wedding photography, family portraits and image making as an investment. An investment into your future memory bank. When I provide a service, I don’t want your treasured memories to be lost in a drawer on a USB, gathering dust and later to become as inaccessible as the floppy discs from the 80’s. I want to see your memories displayed proudly in high definition and presented beautifully. To be thumbed through and reconnected with. To be looked at by your children and your children’s children. 

For this reason, everyone of my clients who invests in one of my Wedding Collections receives an album. Something to touch, to hold, to share with their loved ones. To treasure forever. 

The beauty of Graphistudio is we can be as creative as we like, offering bespoke designs and luxury, unique finishes to really set your collection apart from others. I have collated some links below to the most up-to-date samples and images from photographers in partnership with Graphistudio via Pinterest. Please note, many of the albums shown on my Pinterest boards have been designed and photographed by other photographers from around the world (not just me) using Graphistudio Wedding Albums, but the boards offer a fantastic insight into the possibilities available to you. 

The Baby Book | From £395

One of the aspects I love about this book is the simplicity of the lines and paper. Just perfect for those first shoots of your baby from my Bump to Baby session.

These are always a great choice too to create a  wedding guest signing book using images from your test shoot, or even as a reminder of the fun had on your Trash The Dress shoot! 

Have a look at some samples here 

The GoBook | From £495

Can’t decide between an album or a framed photo? Have both!

The versatility of these albums are incredible. I use them for family portrait sessions; shorter weddings; babies even boudoir! Have a look for yourself here at the range available

The Young Book | From £695

With a sleek, contemporary finish. Thick, lay flat pages as standard and a wide range of print options this is a perfect choice for couples loving clean lines and sleek finishes. When I first saw one it brought me right back to that feeling of opening my first Macbook box!!

Graphistudio takes it a number of steps further. With design and finish options that surpass all other album suppliers, this album can be truly unique. From luxurious and zany finishes, to ennoblement and personalised designs. Here is a collection from around the world of a fraction of the possibilities

The Original Wedding Book | From £695

What a classic album. The soft curves and romantic feel is a favourite among brides around the world. Historically the first of its kind, the Original Wedding Album paved the way for photo books as we now know them.

With luxury quality print and finishes this album will be a perfect keepsake for your treasured Wedding Day photos. 

Have a look at some samples here

The Matted Album | From £995

Going back to the roots of Matted Prints. 

These albums just ooze quality and luxury . Relatively new to the Graphistudio Market, the presentation of the images in these albums goes back to having mounts surrounding our images, to really honour and display them in the finest form. The sample I have recently created is printed on fine art paper, which feels luxurious to touch yet retains the pop and vibrancy of the colours.

As with all other Graphistudio albums, the print media, coverings and colours are totally customisable. I can’t stop touching my newest sample… I used Sequoia Leather with a Crystal Glance insert on the front cover. So so touchable! 

Have a closer look on the Pinterest collection here

The Duet | From £1295

Sometimes your Wedding Day just can’t fit into one book. Graphistudio have developed this fantastic way of capturing your whole day. Not just the best bits.

A Design Box has been fitted with a special insert allowing for your Wedding Day Collection to contain a Young Book and a Primo Book. Where the Young is thick-paged, high gloss and heavy, containing the best of the best of the day, the Primo Book starts at 100 pages long, with thinner, magazine style pages finished with fantastic Photo-Lux print technology. The Primo allows you to not leave anything out, especially with its A3 sized pages! My clients and their families have been blown away by these albums, as I’m sure yours will too! Here’s some others from our Graphistudio Community putting the Duet to good use.