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Faily Photographer Chichester

Family Photographer Chichester | The Youngs

Family Photographer Chichester | The Youngs

I’m very fortunate in my line of work. I get to meet some awesome people, and when I’m really lucky, these awesome people become my friends! Take the Youngs family for instance… Despite having many mutual friends, we met properly on their Engagement shoot. This led to shooting their wedding (and even doing some solid marriage prep with them in the interim, cause, you know… I’m a guru ūüėČ LOL!!)

Fast forward a little, along came their first bump to baby shoot with Amos, to whom I’m now a proud Godmother! Here’s a little throwback to those sessions with a peek at their totally bespoke Graphistudio Album to preserve that moment:

Family Photographer Chichester

Family Photographer Chichester

My friendship with the Youngs has continued to grow stronger, we even managed a cheeky Caribbean Cruise together last year where they announced their pregnancy with Baby no.2! My family photographer Chichester brain kicks in so we’re already planning the next shoot whilst sipping a mojito (me) and ice water (Jess) in the presence of the turquoise Caribbean waters!

Jess’ first experience with childbirth was traumatic which led to some adjusting as she prepared for the next one. In my mind, I wanted her to reclaim her power as a woman, to feel like a strong Queen who was in charge of her body and this beautiful change that was happening. Photography for me isn’t just about capturing a moment in time, it’s psychological. I want my subjects to feel empowered and stronger by the journey we take together to create these photographs.

The first part of this was to get Jess on her own, I wanted the first session to be ALL about her. The buzz words in my head were: Queen; Warrior; Strong; Gentle; Sensual; Feminine; Maternal; Expectant… I wanted her to claim these words as hers and own them. So, with that in mind, off to West Wittering we went…

Family Photographer Chichester

Faily Photographer Chichester

The weather was just perfect! A cool sea breeze, warm sun on our faces. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

The next session was in the studio… we wanted to just quickly capture a moment with Amos and his parents before little one arrived! This was quite a funny session as my girls and Amos adore each other, so the concept that this was a photoshoot came with its challenges haha… who wants their photo taken when you could just play instead!!

Family Photographer Chichester

Family Photographer Chichester

Family Photographer Chichester

Family Photographer Chichester

The day of Josiah’s birth came! This was brilliant news! Jess felt empowered, in control and superbly happy to have had a more positive experience second time around. It also came with a brand new Godson for me!! As with all things babies, you can’t really control when they come or when you’re going to feel up for visitors, so with careful (ish) planning around my holiday plans, I was able to swing by to see Josiah and capture a quick newborn portrait on the way to the airport. What a cute and cheeky looking chappy he is (and I wasn’t late for my flight either!!)

Family Photographer Chichester

Capturing your life and those that are important to you within it is high on my list of things to do within my work, be it a standard family shoot, something more creative, considered and empowering, or just something totally on the fly to create that legacy of memories to look back on in years to come. What’s on your list to capture that you haven’t yet? Give me a shout, we can make it happen!

xX Fiona Xx

Family Photographer Chichester | The Youngs

Lifestyle Family Photographer

Lifestyle Family Photographer | West Sussex | Rackham

Lifestyle Family Photographer | West Sussex

For those that say “I don’t like having my picture taken,” or “Studio portraits just aren’t for us” ¬†when considering a family portrait session, perhaps you should look into booking a Lifestyle Family Photographer. Portraiture isn’t all studio lighting and sitting on boxes while someone gives your hair a boost and you stare longingly into the lens. One of my favourite types of family photography is “lifestyle”. This is all about capturing you and yours doing what you do, where you do it. As a wedding and portrait photographer based in Chichester, West Sussex I have the pleasure of travelling around much of the South Coast for these sessions….Brighton, Worthing, Horsham, Arundel, Portsmouth and further. I just love exploring new locations!

Yasmyn and her family suggested we head up to Rackham, a small village near Amberley, West Sussex for their session. Their kids are so familiar and comfortable with this place it was a perfect pick.

Lifestyle Family Photographer

Lifestyle Family Photographer West Sussex

Lifestyle Family Photographer

How better to capture kids being kids than by letting be, well….kids! Climbing sand mountains and heading into the woods is a great adventure! This area was so quiet, it was as if we were the only ones there!

Lifestyle Family Photographer West Sussex

Lifestyle Family Photographer West Sussex

Lifestyle Family Photographer West Sussex

Lifestyle Family Photographer West Sussex

Lifestyle Family Photographer West Sussex

When your location has perfectly created dens built by previous adventurers, and caves carved over time into the hill, you can’t help but get swept away with the fun that is being had. Is now the time to admit I made sure I was wearing my Dr Martens to ensure no creepy spiders made their way over my toes or ankles!!

Lifestyle Family Photographer West Sussex

Lifestyle Family Photographer West Sussex

Lifestyle Family Photographer West Sussex

I am so thankful to Yasmyn and her partner Chris for sharing this place with me, I now have a new spot to take my kids. They absolutely love it!! We must make sure to keep it quiet mind you, otherwise everyone will want to go!

If you would like to book a Lifestyle Portrait session, do get in touch. These usually happen in the great outdoors, setting a back-up date should we get heavy rain! Here’s the prices and more info.


Fiona xx

FionaMillsArt | Lifestyle Family Photographer | West Sussex

Lifestyle family photographer



Chichester newborn photographer

Chichester Newborn Photographer | Baby Alexander

Chichester Newborn Photographer | Baby Alexander

You may remember my previous blog following Vanya and Chris’ bump shoot as part of their Bump to Baby collection? Here’s a reminder if you missed it. Baby Alexander was born in February to the proudest parents I have seen. We met when he was just 6 days old for his first photoshoot.

Chichester bump to baby photographer

As a Chichester Newborn Photographer I have to be prepared for anything, and thankfully I was prepared for his size! Weighing in at a cool 8.5lbs already, I knew I wouldn’t need my small baskets!

Chichester newborn photographer

chichester newborn photographer

Setting up the studio at their home near Arundel, West Sussex, I set about capturing his sleeping form in a selection of props. Alexander is a spreader, very keen to use the space he is settled in, while staying snuggly and sleepy at the same time!

Chichester Newborn Photographer

newborn photographer chichester

When shooting a newborn session, the aim is to keep calm, relaxed and warm! We take our time, working with baby. Stopping for feed breaks as and when necessary. I also like to use props and accessories of my own as well as mixing it up with personal items. Chris and Vanya had a giant tiger which couldn’t not take part!

Chichester newborn photographer

chichester newborn photography

newborn photography chichester

Capturing moments between the family is also high on my list of priorities as a Chichester Newborn Photographer, especially as these times are often spent with close friends and family. Having a memory to look back on is so precious as we can easily forget these quiet, early days. Vanya had lovingly painted an A.A.Milne mural on the wall with Tigger,Piglet and Pooh looking on at their joy.

chichester bump to baby photographer

chichester bump to baby photography

west sussex newborn photographer

newborn photographer chichester

I also spend  time capturing those tiny details, the nose, the lips, the hand and feet etc. Babies grow so fast, we blink and we miss it!

chichester newborn photographer

chichester newborn photographer

As with all my Bump to Baby collections, the shoot was completed with a Baby Book. A handmade photo album made in Italy by Graphistudio.

chichester newborn photographer

Congratulations Chris, Vanya and Baby Alexander. I look forward to the next milestone!


FionaMillsArt | Chichester Newborn Photographer | Baby Alexander

chichester newborn photography

worthing photographer

Worthing Bump to Baby Photography | Baby Charles

Worthing Bump to Baby Photography | Baby Charles

Worthing Bump to Baby Photography

Come on trip¬†with me on my Worthing Bump to Baby Photography journey…. Becky and I met at a Wedding Fair last year where she confided in me that she was in the early stages of pregnancy so we set about planning her Bump to Baby Photography sessions. As a Beauty Therapist and Make-up-Artist (and a very talented one at that, check her out here) Becky had a great visual ideas of what she liked… the watermelon shot was high up on her list!! They¬†were also excited to be led during their Worthing Bump to Baby Photography sessions.

Best Worthing Bump to Baby photography

I just loved the fun couple that Becky and Darryll were, embracing the bump shoot with aplomb, have a look at what we got up to here. I love a bit of recreation, so we reused the mirror here in tribute to one of their favourite shots from their Worthing Maternity Photography session.

worthing bump to baby photography

I was so excited when I got the message through that Baby Charles was born last year. I’m sure you would agree that he is just gorgeous. Babies are all a little different when they are born, and during these early days they often sleep a lot during these shoots (not always, mind!) and Charles at 4 days old was no exception. We were able to get a wide variety of shots, including a Christmassy one ready for their cards they were planning to send and ones that incorporated their two great loves… Make Up and Golf!

worthing photographer

Best worthing bump to baby photographer

Worthing bump to baby photography

Best Worthing Bump to Baby Photography

Best Worthing family photographer

Best worthing bump to baby photographer

Chichester Bump to Baby Photography

Worthing Bump to Baby Photographer

Best Worthing Photography

Bump to Baby photography

Of course, the shoot would not have been complete without an Album. I use the Baby Book by Graphistudio. Handmade in Italy, we went for simple choices to highlight the images, but take a look here if you want to delve further into the options available.

Graphistudio Albums

I can’t wait to see the Minton Family grow over the years!

Fiona xx

FionaMillsArt | Worthing Bump to Baby Photography

Worthing Bump to Baby Photography

West Sussex Photographer

West Sussex Photographer | Autumn Portrait Sessions

West Sussex Photographer | Autumn Portrait Sessions.

As a wedding and portrait photographer based in West Sussex, I feel very lucky to have some beautiful local landscapes to choose from as my backdrop to a shoot. From beaches to woodland, open fields, castles and cities, the list goes on. One of my favourite times to shoot is definitely Autumn. Being very visual by character, the vibrant transformations nature goes through during the Autumn captivates me every time! Just this morning, as I was driving along the South Downs to meet a client, I was easily distracted by the rolling mist traversing through the hills and valleys with shocking reds and auburns peeping through the last of the green.

West Sussex Photographer

I love that look as Eva realises who’s responsible for all the leaves falling on her!!

West Sussex Wedding photographer

As I was in the middle of an Autumn Portrait Promotion I jumped at the chance to do one right on my doorstep in Hotham Park. John and Inna and their family of three children came geared up and ready to play. The day was mild and clear and colours vivid! John being a very popular wedding and portrait photographer himself had his trained eye tracking the light pockets and dappled spots with me! (Trust me, it’s almost impossible to switch that gift off!).

Best west sussex photographer

Best Sussex Photographer

West Sussex Photographer

West sussex portrait photographer

Mixing kids¬†with fallen leaves, open space and their parents for company is just asking for fun and laughter. Mikey, Georgie and Eva took great glee in playing and leaf bombing, jumping and swinging. Children were born to play, and they just love it if their parents are playing too, they almost forget they’re on a photoshoot!

West Sussex Photographer

Photographer west sussex

West Sussex photography

West sussex photographer

Part of the joy of being a West Sussex Photographer covering weddings in West Sussex and portraits is seeing families experiencing fun times together. Being able to freeze those moments in a picture to be treasured for years to come, reliving those warm, happy memories.

West Sussex photographer

To take advantage of the beautiful Autumn season for your portraits, do get in touch ūüôā

Brighton Family Photographer

Brighton Family Photographer | Diana & Paul, Jack & Leela

Brighton Family Photographer

When one of my oldest friends was talking about planning a photoshoot to capture their family of four I jumped at the chance…what a bonus that this shoot coincided with the completion of their new garden too!¬†Diana and I went to school together, walking the long walk there and back, getting up to mischief *ahem* I mean dutifully studying and generally being teenage girls! I had the pleasure of Diana as one of my bridesmaids nearly 10 years ago too!! The road we have walked near and far has been with its own dramas of life, some of which are Di’s own stories to tell, but I cannot express the joy at seeing her meet Paul and bring two gorgeous children into the world.

Diana and Paul live in the steep valleys of¬†Brighton, where after ensuring my handbrake was well and truly up, I took a tour of their brand new (completed the day before) landscaped garden. What a transformation, I mean, you could have rolled down this thing and built up speed and kept rolling to the sea if not caught by the fence…but now, a multi-tiered stunning mix of contemporary and modern landscaping with delightful green spaces, pergolas, man-caves and lush borders. I loved it, and judging by the way Jack was running around avoiding getting dressed when he stepped out there for the first time, he loved it too!

Brighton Family Photographer

Family Photographer Brighton

Brighton Photographer

Leela was doing the classic female thing, arriving late for her own party (well, napping…) but this gave me some lovely time putting high-speed sports photography into training with trying to catch Jack! When Paul showed me around the garden and declared the lower level the “adult only” zone, I cannot say for sure whether it was my creative eye, or my rebellious nature that decided the steps in this child free zone would make a great spot for a family portrait! Being very forgiving, Paul allowed me to break his new rules within half a day of making them…I’m sure you would agree however, those steps are just awesome! Despite being a Brighton Family Photographer, I can certainly appreciate a good landscape or two!!

Brighton Family Photographer

When Paul and Jack disappeared for a quick nappy change (which I was keen to avoid) I spent a few quality minutes with Diana to celebrate her new daughter, Leela. Such a stunning selection of mother/daughter shots…I know this is my friend and I am biased, but they truly look the epitome of happy!

Mother daughter photo shoot

Best lifestyle photographer

Many people worry about the weather when planning a photoshoot, but I honestly believe that it really doesn’t matter, as a Brighton Family Photographer, I have to be ready whatever the weather. This day was cool and overcast, but it made for some lovely, bright shots. I mean, who’s even looking at the sky when you have a bubble machine, eh?! One of the things that kept making me laugh was Leela’s new trick….poking her tongue out…of course, our laughter ensured more tongue poking!

Brighton Family Photographer

Brighton lifestyle photographer

Diana had found a toy which her children have been captivated by that also happens to be a duplicate of something remembered from her own childhood…we made sure to capture a bit of this nostalgia!

Brighton Portrait photographer

One of the things I notice when photographing young children is that they often want to do their own thing…this is very normal in young children (they don’t really start engaging in play with others until about 3 or 4 years old, although they may play alongside others), it is a source of frustration for many parents who just want the elusive shot of their kids together! Rather than use Photoshop trickery, we use the far more simple method of favourite toys placed strategically close (oh, and food, always food treats up our sleeves!)

Brighton family photographer

Brighton Family photographer

Brighton photographer

Sussex family photographer

A photoshoot for anyone is pretty tiring, and especially so for children! We try and keep these sessions as fun, relaxed and natural as possible so the child doesn’t feel they have to perform. Instead they are spoiled with play and parent time! We detoured indoors for some final portraits, using the furniture and their rooms to bring the session to a close before the kids got ready for a nap.

Brighton Photographer

Lifestyle photographer brighton

brighton family photographer

Brighton portrait photographer

As a passionate Brighton Family Photographer I really believe that seeing your portraits in print, to touch them and hold them is paramount to my service. As with all of my photoshoots, no session is complete without a bespoke album. Diana and Paul had noted there were no pictures up of them as a family of four, so we went for this brilliant, contemporary, handmade Italian album by Graphistudio called the GoBook. An album in a specially designed box that serves as a frame for the cover image, displaying your album within close reach….in their case, displaying their new garden steps…I mean, their family of four!!

Lifestyle family photography

I had such pleasure capturing Diana and her family, I am looking forward to photographing the next stage, their 2018 wedding!! As a Sussex based Wedding Photographer I really will be in my element (and blubbing away behind my cameras!). Watch this space for their wedding!

Best Pregnancy photographer, Worthing, west sussex

Worthing Maternity Photography | Becky & Darryll | Bump to Baby

A fine, warm Sunday afternoon proved to be a fabulous setting for a Worthing Maternity Photography shoot. Becky is a brilliant make up artist & beauty therapist so while chatting via¬†a mutual wedding client we touched on her then secret pregnancy, and her desire to have a Bump to Baby shoot.¬†Becky didn’t have a hard time convincing her partner, Darryll, that pregnancy photography was a necessary rite of passage for an expecting mum! We chose a lifestyle maternity photography session as it enabled us to get more creative and touch on who they are as a couple in their familiar environment, which in this case was Worthing, right on the seafront.

Best couple pregnancy photo Worthing photographer

Becky had set up a Pinterest board full of her likes and dislikes for her Bump to Baby shoot, and as always, we use that as a starting point from which we brainstorm ideas and get down to the nitty gritty of the Worthing Maternity Photography session. Using their home first we were able to take some beautiful shots (and some more fun ones) in what will be the baby room.

Worthing maternity photography

As the lovely golden hour was setting in we took a stroll towards Worthing seafront passing a putting green on the way. As Darryl is a keen golfer (and Becky a golf widow) it was befitting to use this as a backdrop!

Best Worthing Photographer

Worthing seafront was pretty quiet, a perfect time for those warm light pregnancy portraits. I fell in love with the symmetry of the sun shelter, a great frame to personalise their images.

Best Worthing Pregnancy photographer

A quick dip in the wet sand before we headed back to their home for one last picture!

Worthing lifestyle photographer, best sussex photographer

Becky looks absolutely stunning at 31 weeks pregnant, they are going to be such lovely parents! I cannot wait for the end of November to meet their newborn and continue with the baby photography session.

Pregnancy announcement photo inspiration

Bump to Baby West Sussex Photography

Bump to Baby | Baby James & Family

Lorna, Mark and James. The Bump to Baby session….

Bump to Baby

The thing I love about Bump to Baby¬†photography is meeting a family excited and anticipating this¬†big change coming in their lives. The change in a woman is incredible (we are absolute Queens for creating and growing these bambinos inside our bodies!). I met Lorna and Mark back in June for their Bump shoot. We had a simple session in the studio with just the two of them (and Lorna’s onesie!). Here’s a little peek of¬†a few shots.

Bump to Baby photography Chichester

The optimum time for capturing a newborn is in the first 10 days… there are a zillion tips and techniques I can provide in the lead up for how to keep your baby sleepy and pose-able, but at the end of the day, babies are babies and we just have to roll with it and see where they take us!

Bump to Baby Photography

Bump to Baby Photographer Bognor Regis

Baby James was a perfect subject, he was obviously paying attention through all the Bump to Baby chatter! He slept, and slept, and slept some more!! While they’re sleeping is a perfect opportunity to go in with some close ups, to really remember those teeny tiny details.

Bump to Baby Chichester

Bump to Baby

Having a variety of props is always handy, babies have a habit of telling us if they’re uncomfortable or not, but Baby James was happy to sleep on ¬†like a trooper… it was clear he was a snuggler!

Bump to Baby Photography Chichester

I’m a big fan of accidental shots…. I often take an images with a clear picture in my head of how it will finish, and sometimes the creativity will take me in the editing stage resulting with something unplanned, yet striking. These two are a prime example…. The Boy on the Moon and The Water Baby.

Bump to Baby Bognor `regis Photographer

Bump to Baby West Sussex Photography

It was lovely to have Mark’s daughter along for the shoot to grab some family portraits of them together. She was a natural with Baby James! To say he was spoiled with kisses is an understatement for sure!

Bump to Baby

While we were doing some low key shots James decided this would be prime time to have a toilet break. Thankfully Mark had already gone in for the kissing of the feet close up and was spared a shower!!

Bump to Baby

Bump to Baby

As with all Bump to Baby shoot, Lorna & Mark’s completed baby session was presented in a Baby Book, handmade in Italy by Graphistudio, my favoured album design company. A beautifully presented, boxed photo album to thumb through and treasure forever.

Bump to Baby

I hope to see more of your growing family in the future, Fiona xx


Vicky & Tom | Engagement Shoot Southsea

**UPDATE** Vicky & Tom are now Mr & Mrs Heard, Yay!!!!! Congratulations!! Read all about their Two Woods Wedding here

Take a look through Vicky and Tom’s Engagement Shoot Southsea beach….

Vicky and Tom are due to get married in a couple of weeks in a fabulous new venue in Pulborough called Two Woods Estate, they have been super speedy organising their wedding, going from planning to wedding day in less than 3 months (I’m all for this, far less time to stress about things. I think we arranged our wedding in about 10 weeks!). Their venue is set in gorgeous woodland with space for meadows, marquees and music, however they are water babies at heart, so it was no problem to arrange their pre-wedding test shoot to be near the water. The location for the Engagement Shoot Southsea¬†was chosen as it is near where they live.

Southsea engagement shoot 8

We met, together with their daughter,  early in the evening where the sun was still high and not a cloud to be seen. Perfect weather for sunbathing, but sadly not for photos (much to the surprise of many I speak to) so we decided to explore some more shady areas. The structures and supports under the pier being one.

Southsea engagement shoot 1

engagement shoot southsea

After spending some time under the pier we came out to be greeted by many obvious signs warning us to stay out due to it being structurally unsound. How we missed this at first I couldn’t tell you!

Southsea engagement shoot 4

Thankfully there were some shady spots where we were sheltered from the direct sunlight near the water as Vicky and Tom paddled and played with their daughter, Florence. It was great to have Flo there too as she will obviously be a big part of their wedding day, so the more comfortable she is with me, the better (this theory goes for the grown-ups too!)

Southsea engagement shoot 3

Southsea engagement shoot 6

In order to grab a couple of shots with Vicky and Tom on their own I tried to bribe Florence with my iPhone, she wasn’t having any of it, but we still got a shot or two of them together.

Engagement Shoot Southsea

Southsea engagement shoot 5

I’m really looking forward to seeing them again at their wedding in a couple of weeks and getting my camera teeth stuck into this new wedding venue!

**UPDATE** Vicky & Tom are now Mr & Mrs Heard!! Yay, congratulations!! Read all about their Two Woods Wedding here

Matt & Jen | The Live Proposal

This is a short story all about Matt & Jen and their Live Proposal at the Angmering Bluebells Wood.

When Matt contacted me in May about doing his and Jen’s wedding photography in September we talked about how all wedding collections¬†come with a test shoot. This would prove to be a tactical move as Matt hadn’t actually proposed by¬†this point. Matt told me how he and Jen were pushing¬†the wedding through quickly as there were key family members they would love to be able to attend before it becomes too difficult for them to make the journey overseas, but as they had been living together for some years and had a young son together, the actual proposal was just a tradition that had not yet been met.

Matt mentioned that Jen loved the outdoors, nature and was a big fan of the bluebells that covered the forest floors this time of the year, so we booked a date in at the soonest opportunity to catch the tail end of the blooms under the guise of it being a formality and a great chance to grab the three of them in a portrait.

Live Proposal Angmering_0004

Live Proposal Angmering_0006

I had mentioned to Matt that before proposing we leave it 15/20 mins so they all get used to having me and my cameras in close proximity. I have to say, I was waiting with baited breath for THE MOMENT to happen! My long lens was out to give them as much space as possible (for the tech geeks out there, I was shooting with a couple of Canon 5D mkii’s and switching between *The Beast* 70-200 f2.8L mkii and *The Tank* 24-70 f2.8L. *The Fave* 50mm f1.2L was decommissioned for this shoot, but a bag of mini cheddars and a pull-back¬†car proved useful). Matt, Jen and Stanley wandered through the woodland acting natural during this time. Although we were at the tail end of the bloom of the Bluebells, they were¬†still an impressive sight to see blanketing¬†the ground of¬†the woodland at Angmering Park Estate

Live Proposal Angmering_0005

After about an hour (the suspense is killing me by this point!) Stanley is happy perched on a tree stump with some snacks and toys while we “practise posing techniques” with Matt & Jen.

Live Proposal Angmering_0008

Matt pops back to the bag for a moment before declaring “One last picture”… and there it is, THE MOMENT we’ve all been waiting for happens. The Live Proposal! He drops down on one knee and asks Jen if she will marry him! Obvs, blog fam, she said YES otherwise we wouldn’t be sharing this story together. Jen seemed genuinely surprised at the timing as Matt had always said to her he had it (the proposal) in hand.¬†A very humble romantic, it seems, Matt had used one of Jen’s Grandmother’s rings and had it remade into an engagement ring. How sweet is that! What a talking point for the future.

Live Proposal Angmering_0001

Live Proposal Angmering_0002

Live Proposal Angmering_0003

Massive congratulations to Matt & Jen on their Engagement (finally!!), I’m looking forward to your wedding…. let me know if you are planning any more surprises…

Fiona x