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A glimpse into the heart of who I am, what I do and why I chose to become a Family Portrait and Wedding Photographer

From a toddler brandishing a toy camera,  a child taking headless shots, a teenager with boxes of prints and homemade albums to an adult, living her dream and wielding the tools of her trade born from a passion for the creative and visual arts. 

Fiona Mills



I feel incredibly lucky to have made my dream of making a living from my passion come true. That’s not to say that it’s easy, but the hard work is more than worth it to do the job I feel I was created for. What a joy to be a Family and Wedding Photographer. From an early age I was fascinated by the creative, often found painting and sculpting or taking pictures of my not-so-amused friends and family!

I love being able to capture the heart and soul of a scene that unfolds before me so the vibe and feel of that moment can be revisited as the viewer sees the image. Part of the creative process for me is the post production, being able to manipulate and enhance an image to create the finished composition I see in my head as I press that shutter. For me, that image becomes more than a snap shot, but a piece of art.

I am a qualified Licentiate of The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) and the Master Photographers Association (MPA). In laymans terms this is a qualification award rating akin to the Michelin Stars of the restaurant world. I place high value on the continued mentoring I get, the training, development and network connections. It keeps me growing as a photographer, improving my skills, honing my style and constantly challenging my creativity. I have recently been nominated, and now shortlisted in the Bridebook National Wedding Awards 2017 in the “Best Wedding Photographer” category. This year I have also been awarded Merits in the Regional MPA Competition a well as Winning “Wedding Photographer of the Month ” in the national monthly competitions. Achievements I am very proud of as a West Sussex Wedding Photographer based in Chichester and Bognor Regis.


I find myself excited by a couple’s forthcoming wedding before they’ve even arrived for their first meeting! I love hearing all the ideas, plans and little surprises that go into making that day unique. The planning and prep that lead up to a wedding really enable me to build relationships with my clients which result in more natural, intimate photography. To put a label on it, my style would be a large measure of candid and contemporary creativity with a double dose of journalistic accuracy, a heaped serving of fun and an abundance of discretion. I feel honoured to call myself a West Sussex Wedding Photographer. Take a walk through my engagement & wedding portfolios and cast your eye over the price list for more information. 


Commercial can be anything from events, to portfolio shots, product placement, corporate head-shots, travel documentary, stock images and anything else your business requires. I love the challenge of a creative brief. Take a look at a few examples, but best contact me directly to discuss your requirements so I can give you an accurate quote for price



Every portrait shoot is totally unique. I love the challenge of thinking outside the box and getting out there to create something you will be proud to show for years to come. My inspiration will often come from the family themselves, but Pinterest and Instagram are great resources too! I am known to spend far too much time on my phone searching for the next inspiration! Here’s some samples of my family and maternity shoots and a price list to get you started.