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Hi, I’m Fiona, portrait & wedding photographer, mum and girl boss!!

So, you’ve come to the About Me page…. if you wanna hear more about my work as a Wedding Photographer etc, then head over to my awards and accolades page, this spot is to help you get to know the person behind the camera a little more!

I started life in Saaaaf London, before slowly journeying further South until I landed in Bognor Regis (sunniest spot in Britain FYI) where I have been settled for the last 25 years. I can’t think of anything better than living so close to the sea…. I will be found all year round on my SUP (have you seen our local ocean life?? Just WOW!)

Art and various forms of creativity (music, dance, acting) were my greatest passions growing up, so it came as no surprise that my career path would lead me to becoming a photographer, or something else in the creative realms… However, like most artists, we all have those crazy feelings of self doubt, so my road here included experiences in the hospitality industry, care work… even landscape gardening before I truly believed in myself to do what gave me most joy, and for the last 17 years I’ve been a professional portrait & wedding photographer.

I love people, I’m a real social bunny, and for whatever reason people seem to open up around me (it could be the gin I serve), which is why I think I’ve thrived in the sphere of social photography. I love connecting with people and finding out the essence of them. Their characters, passions, core values. I am also passionate about creating art, lasting legacies in a photographic form that are treasured beyond the lifetime of the subjects. Memories to be looked back on. People receive images that capture who they really are (almost like I’m drawing out your soul through the medium of my camera) AND some major milestones and events documented both candidly and creatively, and I get a whole load of fun times working with you to make it happen!

My home life consists of me, 2 lively daughters aged 13 and 11, and a crazy, scruffy dog called Buckley (yep, named after Jeff) pictured below. Music is a big part of our household and is loudly playing more often than not. Depending on mood (or the need for motivation) the genres can be anything from funk-soul classics, to 80’s/90’s rock, to party music to get feet tapping and lungs exploding in song! I can’t guarantee the standard of pitch and tone, but that certainly doesn’t stop me!

I try to live by the mantra of seeking joy despite hard and bad times, and filling the cracks that appear in life with gold as we keep journeying forward on this path. After some pretty major losses, this is more befitting now than ever. Laughter is a major player in my life… It’s not hard to make me cry with laughter… Add in some silly comedy like Monty Python gold, Will Ferrell movies or even the ridiculously silly Hot Rod (if you haven’t seen it, you should) I will likely be found unable to breathe with tears streaming down my face!!

Pet Photography by FionaMillsArt

Wedding Photographer


I love ice-cream…. I’m not sure I could choose between Salted Caramel or a Mango Sorbet, but as long as it’s not chocolate, I’m not fussy!

I’m not a chocolate fan.

My wardrobe consists of an unhealthy and expensive penchant towards All Saints clothes, Dr Martens and Converse trainers. My mates think I dress like a teenager, but I do love an excuse to glam up when I can!

I speak a number of languages to varying degrees of fluency and forgetfulness!

I’m never truthful about my age. Never. I learnt this trick from my mother who is equally untruthful in that respect.

I love gin, and wine, and coffee…. And a fine whiskey. I *really* don’t like ordinary tea.

I can make you look INCREDIBLE in photographs, even if you hate having them taken. That, my friends, is my superpower!

I love a bargain and rooting through a thrift store, but I also love fine luxury… which is where my professional product range really comes into play!

Oh, and I can do a mean somersault on a trampoline.